HOW do I Become a VIP member ?

It’s Easy! After you break out from one of our Escape Games or solve a Murder Mystery,
provide us a review on Google or Facebook.
Download the StampMe app and create a log-in account.
Click on “Around Me” and add the Break Out Zone Stamp Card.
Send us an e-mail to let us know you’ve provided us a review and downloaded the app. We will add your account to the VIP Program.

Become a VIP member and enjoy these perks:

– 20% OFF Regular Escape Room Game Admission
– 20% OFF Murder Mystery Party Admission
– 20% OFF Paranormal Tour Admission
– Stamp Card (Every 5th Game FREE)
– 1 FREE Escape Game Birthday Admission
– Escape Game FAST PASS (includes: 1-year waiver completion and 3-month briefing video)
– Beta Testing Invitations
– First to be informed about new puzzles, themes, and games
– First to be informed about promotions – Other offers and promotions only for VIP Members

Sept 20 – Sept 24 (2017), Oshawa-Whitby Readers’ Choice Award Nominations
Please help Break Out Zone win the 2017 Oshawa-Whitby Readers’ Choice Award!
Your vote will make a difference and will only take a couple minutes.
In box 201 (at the end), enter “Entertainment, Break Out Zone Escape Room Games“.
Vote HERE: