Murder Mystery Game in Oshawa Durham Ontario



During the party, one of the guests will be murdered and another will unknowingly play the murder. Guests must determine who among the group is the killer!


Break Out Zone offers GTA’s first live adventure Murder Mystery Party, where a group of 9-15 of your family, friends or co-workers will attend a “party” (lasting 2.5-3 hours). Each guest will be assigned a character to play. During the party, one of the guests will be murdered and another will unknowingly play the murder. Guests must determine who among the group is the killer!


Admission fee 9-12 Players: $38 + HST per player per game
Admission fee 13-15 Players: $33 + HST per player per game
Required Group Size: 9-15
Age recommendation: 16 years of age or older
Hours available: Monday through Sunday, 10:30 am - 11:00 pm

A minimum 2 weeks’ notice is required for all Murder Mystery Games so that proper preparation can be made for the group to participate in the activities. Food, snacks, beverages, and alcohol can be facilitated by the game organizer.


  • Use the online self-serve reservation system to make a request (minimum 2 weeks’ notice required).
  • Once the reservation date & time has been approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • Each guest will be e-mailed details outlining their assigned character. E-mails will be sent out 2-3 days prior to the game.
  • Please provide your guest list no less than 5 days prior to the reservation.
  • Guests should keep their character details confidential, as it could ruin the game by providing other guests with important information.
  • Guest will attend the party and should remain in their character throughout the entire game.

Round One: Meet & Greet
During the first round you will meet the other guests. It is important to learn about each of the guests during this round, which will be helpful throughout to determine reasoning. Round One will last for approximately 60 minutes. If the group plans to serve food during their gathering, it should be scheduled for after Round One.

Round Two: Pre and Post Murder
In the second round guests will continue to put together profiles for each of the other guests. It will also be important during this round to figure out the layout for the Manor. One of the guests will be "murdered" (this person will not know they are playing this part until necessary) in this round. After this horrific event it will be necessary to gather evidence to figure out whom the Murderer is, their motive and method.

Round Three: Reveal
Each guest will have the chance to state their conclusion about the murder in Round Three, followed by final statements from each of the guests. During the final statements the Murderer will confess and provide reasoning to their actions which will explain everything. A shocking turn of events will be revealed in this round.

Drinks, Snacks, Food and Alcoholic Beverage
It is recommended that groups arrange and bring drinks (non-alcoholic), snacks and food. Due to food allergies and sensitivities, Break Out Zone does not provide these for guests. Drinks (non-alcoholic) and light snacks such as vegetable and fruit trays, cracker platters and popcorn are great to have available. Groups can either bring or order light meals (that will be served 1-hour into the party), but meals are not necessary.
Alcoholic Beverages are permitted during the party for guests of legal drinking age. The game organizer must obtain a Private Event Non-Sale Special Occasion Permit (the original permit must be brought to the party). One guest must be Smart Serve Trained and have their Certification Card with them during the party, this guest cannot consume any Alcoholic Beverages prior to attending or during the party. Food must be available if Alcoholic Beverages are available.
For Alcoholic Beverages to be allowed at the party, prior approval must be received from Break Out Zone Management. Break Out Zone and our Management Team reserves the right to restrict or remove Alcoholic Beverages from a party at any time.
Respectful Customer Policy: This policy has been designed to support a respectful environment that values and promotes principles of diversity and inclusion, and one that does not tolerate discrimination, harassment and/or bullying. Customers must remain respectful to Break Out Zone Team Members, Staff and other Guests. Customers found not to be respectful will be removed from the property immediately and prohibited from returning indefinitely, without refund.


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Murder Mystery
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