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We change our puzzles and themes often. Check back often to see our new rooms listing.

Difficulty 8.2/10

Puzzles 9/10

Theme 9.6/10

Environment 9.2/10

Props 9.4/10

Shadow In The Attic
(Puzzle Closes: Jan. 28, 2019)

60 Minutes, 2-8 Players
Elite Adventure
Physical Activities & Crawling Required

In 1943 the St. Clair Family fled their cherished Grimstone Manor after a horrifying séance attempt.
All Mrs. St. Clair wanted was to speak with her 8 year old daughter Bethany one more time. However, something else came through instead.
Legend has it that they left with nothing but the clothes on their back. Leaving their riches hidden somewhere in the Manor.
You decide to break into the Manor and locate the family treasure. After you disconnect the phone line you’ll have 60 minutes to find the money and get out, before the alarm company dispatches the police.
Be careful not to trip any of the motion sensors in the Manor. The sound from the burglar alarm can be heard for miles.


Difficulty 7.2/10

Puzzles 8.8/10

Theme 9.6/10

Environment 9/10

Props 9.6/10

Nocton Hospital
(Puzzle Closes: Feb. 11, 2019)

60 Minutes, 2-6 Players
Pop-Up Adventure
Family Friendly

For decades Nocton Hospital played a vital role treating thousands of sick and injured who sacrificed themselves during the war. Now the abandoned hospital stands empty, full of unused medical equipment and history.
Your Great Uncle spent a few years in the former military hospital. You’ve heard that he had a large inheritance that was never claimed. His insurance papers were never collected from the hospital.
You must locate the records in the Doctors Office and recover your Great Uncles file.
Security makes rounds every 60 minutes, so don’t waste any time or make too much noise.


Difficulty 6.4/10

Puzzles 8.7/10

Theme 8.8/10

Environment 9/10

Props 9/10

(Puzzle Closes: Feb. 11, 2019)

Youth Version (6-10 years old): 45 Minutes, 2-8 Players
Adult Version: 60 Minutes, 2-6 Players (Difficulty 7.1/10)
Pop-Up Adventure
Family Friendly

Lost in the forest you come across a cottage made out of candy. You try the door and find it unlocked, so you head inside to find something to eat, but the Hag has locked away everything to eat. You must locate the hidden food before the Hag returns and finds you.


Difficulty 9.2/10

Puzzles 9.4/10

Theme 8/10

Environment -/10

Props 8.7/10

Bomb Squad
(Puzzle Closes: Feb. 11, 2019)

60 Minutes, 2-8 Players
Adventure Game
Family Friendly
This game is portable and can be brought to your event.
For more information about hosting this game, please email us at
Bomb Squad is an adventure game, similar to an Escape Game.
However, it can be played anywhere (you may not be in a room if booked at Break Out Zone).
Warning: No actual explosive materials are used during this game.

You are a member of the Tactical Support Unit and you've just been dispatched to the report of an explosive device.
Your team must comb through the reports and evidence to find the possible suspects, locate the device and disarm it before time runs out!
Your team must act quickly when civilians are around to keep them safe and away from the device.

Do you have what it takes to be a member of SWAT?


Difficulty 7.5/10

Puzzles -/10

Theme -/10

Environment -/10

Props -/10

(Puzzle Closes: Feb. 4, 2019)

Halloween Scary Escapes Game
A weekend away at an isolated cabin in the middle of no-where is not something you would normally every do, but your friends talked you into it anyways. Strange things start to happen as the night goes on. One of your friends says they are hearing voices. You decide to take a look around, which is when things really take a turn. Can you save your friends from the terror of The Evil Dead?


Game Definitions
Elite Adventure: Immersive experiences which the puzzles are designed to remain for up to a year.
Pop-Up Adventure: Temporary experiences that are designed to remain for 2-6 months.
Family Friendly: Adventures that are appropriate for all ages.
Youth Escape Room: Games designed for players 6 - 10 years of age.
Mature Audience: Experiences that have been designed to be a little more "eerie", which may include jump scares or live actors.

Adventure Ratings
Our ratings are right from our customers. We do not create our own rating numbers.
We invite our Loyalty Members to beta test new adventures. At the end of their game they rank all components of their experience.
We take these numbers and average them, to provide the posted ratings.

Room Occupancy Levels
Room Occupancy Levels are determined by how many people the game has been designed for.
Safety regulations also determine the Room Occupancy Level.
We can often add an extra player or two if it is a group of youth players.


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