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Escape The Room Game – Break Out Zone – Selfie Wall – Durham, Oshawa

This group was clowning around on The Break Out Zone’s New Selfie wall. We are always finding new ways to make your experience more exciting and enjoyable. Each and every holiday season we do new promotions and prizes as well as new holiday rooms specific to the season. Come out and bring your friends and family to Break Out Zone and experience the thrill of being held captive and having the mission to escape your circumstances. Can you escape?

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Successful Escapees! Break Out Zone – Oshawa, Durham

The most authentic escape the room game in Durham Ontario. Another group of escapees were successful in escaping Grimstone Manor. We take pride in having both the family friendly and advanced experience environment for both beginner and advance escapees. In Durham there is no match for the realism and entertainment you will encounter in this enriched experience.